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Amanda McClellan featured in State College Magazine

Taking Care of Business

Amanda McClellan is a powerhouse of problem solving
Dana Ray

AmandaAmanda McClellan’s job is making your job easier. For the last four years, she’s worked at Doing Better Business Inc., where she works with clients to solve office challenges by using more efficient print output technology. “I never know what cool person I might meet that day or what current client I might get to have a great conversation with or what challenge I’ll face,” she says. “I love the unknown factor, that no two days are the same.” 

The team at Doing Better Business is always expanding their knowledge as the multi-function print output technology solutions continue to evolve to meet the demands of today’s business. There is always more to learn about the technology, and that’s the thing that keeps McClellan interested. Her career in sales gives her the pleasure of contributing to a larger team effort while being in charge of her own territory, a model she saw firsthand growing up.

McClellan grew up in a family of entrepreneurs…to read more click here.



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