• Less Paper Office by Using Digital Workflows
  • Remote Monitoring, Management and Repair reduces gasoline consumptionReduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • High Mileage Vehicles for our Service Fleet
  • Energy Efficient Lighting in each of our Offices


  • Remanufactured Copiers and Printers   


  • We recycle cardboard and packaging material.
  • We recycle all plastics and metals from used electronic equipment.
  • We recycle ALL brand toner cartridges.


Each year over 300 million toner cartridges end up in landfills.

Help us stop this madness by having us pick up your used toner cartridges.  We make sure they are sent to an authorized recycling center and are not “refilled.”

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Ricoh Eco Excellence Program

      We are honored to be a member of the Ricoh Eco Excellence Program  


      To read a real life client case study, CLICK HERE.




Want to take a look at some examples of the eco-friendly features and activities associated with Ricoh’s multifunctional copiers?  CLICK HERE.