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Enterprise Software Trends 2019: Leveraging Smart Printing Technology


In 2019, it’s all about efficiency and security for enterprise software, and printing and scanning devices will play a large part. This may seem like nothing new, but the trends we saw in 2018 are revving up to be even bigger in 2019 as companies strive to maximize profits and keep ahead of competition.  Here […]

How managed print services can help you business | Doing Better Business

5 Ways Managed Print Services Can Improve Your Business


There are certain goals all businesses have in common — namely, to reduce costs while increasing productivity and profits. If your business isn’t looking for ways to become more efficient, you are falling behind. When areas for review and improvement are being identified, print equipment and services are often overlooked. But printing and document services […]

The right technology will help your bottom line

How technology can boost your business’ image & productivity


We live in a digital world, and even if your business isn’t in or related to the tech industry, implementing the right tech in your business can reap you great rewards. Modern office technology can help increase productivity, leading to a healthier bottom line. But the ROI for updating your technology goes beyond the obvious […]

Cybersecurity tips your office needs to know

7 cybersecurity tips your whole office should know


Your employees are the most vulnerable security threat to your business. Sophisticated security equipment and software can do a great job of preventing digital intruders from entering your network, but you still need to educate your team regularly on cybersecurity practices to ensure the best overall protection for your business. Here are seven cybersecurity tips […]

4 Signs Your Business is Ready to Upgrade its Printer and Copier


  Your printer and copier are vital members of your team, silently supporting your entire team’s productivity. After your office printer is purchased and set up, you likely don’t think much about it until it stops working, at which point it disrupts your entire office and can have a negative impact your business’s bottom line. […]

Doing Better Business receives 2019 Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award & Prestige Certification


Altoona, PA, – Doing Better Business, a leading managed print services provider, has been honored with the 2019 Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award. Doing Better Business has received this distinction for the last seven years, every year since 2013. In addition to the Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award, Doing Better Business also had ten (10) […]

HP Names Doing Better Business a Premier Partner First


DOING BETTER BUSINESS NAMED HP PREMIER PARTNER FIRST Doing Better Business, Inc., after years of success with our Managed Print Services Program , is excited to announce we have been selected to be a member of the HP Partner First Managed Print Specialist Premier program. Premier members are selected based on their experience, customer service […]



DOING BETTER BUSINESS NAMED AMONG NATION’S BEST IN IMAGING SOLUTIONS INDUSTRY Doing Better Business, Inc. has been recognized by the Pros Elite Group as one of the top 100 independent office technology organizations in the United States based on a series of criteria designed to measure its client service procedures and outcomes, as well as […]



written by Scott Cullen June 27, 2018 On July 1, the Select Dealer Group (SDG) will appoint Debra Dellaposta as its president. She is the first woman president for the group, which was established in 2003. SDG is an independent peer-to-peer group comprised of office technology dealers who are serious about implementing the ProFinance Model for Success in […]

Why work with an Authorized Dealer?


What does it mean to be an Authorized Dealer and why you should not only care, but actually demand to work with one? Authorized Dealers are required to make a significant financial investment.                                               […]