Of all the fields that have benefited from digital transformation, the legal industry stands out.

The average law firm typically has tons of information on hand and piles of documents to track. Not only that, but their information exchange can run between multiple people, departments, and facilities.

Top it off with some of the highest compliance requirements in any industry, and it’s a unique set of challenges to address. However, the right digital tools can help any law office reach its goals. And in going digital with the right approach, they can perform better for their partners and clients.

Law firms typically rely on brilliant minds, a wealth of experience, and a strong work ethic to serve clients. But in 2023, that’s not enough to reach peak efficiency while maintaining optimal standards of security and client service.

These tools can take any law firm to the next level and turn them into a top choice for clients in need.

Think about the countless documents that law firms work with daily. Contracts, leases, court notes, written statements, and more find their way around the average law office on a regular basis. Scanners represent the optimal tool for turning these documents digital. This option is helpful for a firm in multiple ways.

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With scanners, any law office can:

  • Reduce paper overload or even go paperless
  • Create backup copies of important information
  • Share information with courts, partners, and clients

A scanner can also provide other functions like printing and copying, equipping a firm to do more with less equipment and fewer costs.

While the right hardware is helpful, the age of digital transformation is also heavily focused on software. Scanning software allows these devices to offer new dimensions of functionality, increasing their potential to generate value.

Take software that’s designed to work with mobile scanning. This option works well with scans taken from smartphones or tablets, allowing the resulting images to be converted to PDFs or Word documents for easy use. Scanning software can also sort data, which is highly valuable for firms that work on many cases or various different areas of law.

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While scanners and their associated software are proven tools for managing documents at law offices, there are other options. Document management systems represent a type of managed service that sees a facility’s document workflows handled by a specialist.

Document management systems can be geared towards the high standards of the legal industry. Compliance and security are easy to master, as firms can choose who can access information, who can edit it, where it’s kept, whether it’s paper/digital/both, and more. The right system can aid a firm of any size or any legal specialization in achieving digital transformation goals.

Much like law itself, digital transformation is a broad subject that can encompass many individual areas of focus. Firms that aim to make this technological journey in 2023 could improve their operations in various ways.

With data breaches now more common than ever, organizations like law firms are huge targets. Especially when it comes to scanning and sharing documents digitally, it’s important to use devices and systems configured with the latest security settings – better yet, consider using managed services.

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Law firms are used to working on tight deadlines. Their jobs are to secure justice by ensuring people get treated fairly, gain compensation, and get their lives back on track after they were wronged. Firms that have efficient ways of managing their information can work more effectively, making them the top choice of clients.

Law firms that take on new clients have a chance of winning those landmark cases that make them legends in their field. Smarter solutions like digital tools help firms truly harness the full scope of their legal expertise. The less time they spend tracking documents, the more time they can spend winning in the courtroom – and growing steadily as a result of their hard work.

If there’s one sure way for a legal firm to transform their operations in 2023, it’s to integrate the right digital tools. The best way to do this is with a managed services partner that understands the field and is passionate about your success.

Doing Better Business helps you do better for your clients by taking the load off you when it comes to technology. We’ll provide the hardware, software, and managed services support you need to embrace digital transformation and become a force for justice your clients can rely on. Contact us to learn more.

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